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We take care of your food

At Growfit, we understand that healthy eating isn't just what you eat — it's a lifestyle. We have been serving our clients for over four years, guiding them toward their wellness goals with customized meal plans and expert support. Our mission is simple: take care of your dining so you can live life to the fullest.

Choose a meal plan that fits your goals

Our meal plan

All of our meal plans are prepared with the support of a nutritionist to provide you with the most convenient solution.
1200 kcal
Delicious, balanced meals designed to support your journey to a healthier you.
1500 kcal
A delicious selection of balanced meals, designed to energize your day.
2000 kcal
A delicious selection of balanced meals to keep you satisfied and energized.
2500 kcal
Fuel up your gym workouts with delicious and nutrient-rich meals.
1500 kcal
Exciting plant-based meals, designed for balanced nutrition and delicious flavors.
1500 kcal
Delicious low-carb, high-fat meals to fuel your trip.
We don't skimp on the Protein
We get it — protein plays a key role in meeting your fitness goals. That's why our meals are packed with quality protein to fuel your day and support your active lifestyle. Simple, tasty and effective.

How it works

Shipping Information

We have two available delivery schedules: mornings (Mondays and Wednesdays 07:00-11:00) or evenings (Sundays and Tuesdays 15:30-21:00). All orders have at least two deliveries: the first delivery for the Monday and Tuesday meals and the second for the Wednesday and Friday meals.

Choose your preferred meal plan.

Order a meal plan that matches your goals. We count calories and prepare healthy meals for you.

Select your first delivery date.

Please select the date on which you would like to start your subscription. Orders should be placed before 10am and two days before the desired delivery date.

We will send you your shipping information.

One day before delivery, you will receive an email about the delivery time and a tracking link for your order.
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New Feature

Introducing Continuous Ordering

Discover the convenience and health of subscribing to Growfit. Our subscription allows you to enjoy a seamless and stress-free way to maintain a nutritious diet. No more worrying about meal planning or grocery shopping; we take care of everything for you. There is also no need to remember to place a new order.

Minimum commitment - Two weeks
Nutritionally balanced meals
Flexible order management
Cost-effective solution